Sunday, November 15, 2009

Victoria Marathon 2009 Race Report; New Years resolution to complete race report (check)

I realize that it's been over three months since the Victoria marathon, but would you really except anything else? Geez I don't even know where to start...

Julie (sister in law) Derek (brother in law) Ben (husband) and I took the ferry from Washington state to Victoria on Saturday afternoon. After we got checked in to the hotel we went across the street to the convention center to pick up our race numbers and tech. shirts. I was super impressed at how flawless and quick the whole process was. This race was super organized! We walked through the Expo, but it was way too crowded for me to enjoy so we left pretty quick without a single purchase. We got lunch, attempted to drive the course, and relaxed a bit before dinner. Dinner was... you guessed it... pasta! After dinner we said goodnight and set a time to meet the next morning. Derek and Julie were signed up to run the half marathon which was to start an hour before the marathon, but I wanted to go down early and wish them luck and cheer them on at the start.

Do I look scared??? I should be!

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I woke up feeling pretty calm and ready to get this show on the road. Everything was feeling pretty good breakfast was pumpkin granola with soy milk and I packed with me from home. When it was time to meet Ben and I headed down to Julie and Dereks room. When he answed the door he was in just his street clothes. We learned that his nagging cough was bothering him too much and he decided not to run the race. His wife is much tougher because she had been up half the night in the bathroom and still ran the race (even after getting sick on the course twice). She is one tough cookie.

We all walked to the start line after Julie took off we had some time to kill. I started to get cold and nervous at this point. I took a few NSAIDS to make sure that my sciatic nerve didn't give me too much trouble, unfortunately I only had a sip of water with them and this I believe caused me really bad heart burn the entire race, ugh!

Finally we were off and running right on time at 8:30 am...

Mile 1-7 Man was I ever feeling strong during these miles. The first 3 miles flew by at warp speed. I was running just over 9 minute miles. I knew that this was fast for me but didn't think that it would affect me very shortly. The 4th thru 7th mile I started to feel my sciatic nerve and lack of training over the past month.

Mile 8-13 I think these were the miles where I had the most self doubt that I would be able to finish the race. I know that if I would of had a cell phone on me I would have quite during this period. But the fear of never making it back to the hotel kept me going. I took my first walk break about mile 9. Did I really need to walk at this early point of the race? No. It was all mental I was starting to catch up with the half marathoners at this point and when I saw them walking I thought "hey, they're walking, I can walk". I really wish that I would have worn a hat with a bill so that I could have just stared at the ground and zoned out. By mile 11 I was walking all the hills and thought that I was really going to be the very last person to finish the race. When I hit the half way point I felt a glimmer of hope that I could get through the whole darned thing.

Mile 13-20 Lots of walking and negative self talk. Then there was the turn around point around at mile 16, there were a group of older men standing there and one of them said "never give up". And that was my motivation for the rest of the day. Just the way that he said those three words sounded so sympathetic and understanding and it really helped my mindset. Around mile 18 I was passing a lady who was walking and she told me that she had stopped training a week before and was happy to have made it that far. That got me thinking about the fact that I hadn't really ran in a full month so I should be proud of myself. It was also about this time that I tried to stop and stretch and when I went to pull my leg up to do a hamstring stretch my entire body revolted in a full body cramp (charlie horse). It took everything in my power not to sit on the curb and cry. Never Give Up.

Mile 20-26 By this time there were very few runners still on the road. I just really didn't want to finish last :( At mile 23 I met a girl with the race number 911, and we ran the rest of it together. We high five as we crossed the finish line.

Here is the 911 girl and I in the last 3 miles, ugh!

Husband was there waiting, Julie and Derek had to catch the ferry back to WA so they were already gone. We got back to the hotel and I took an ice bath ordered pizza and had a glass of wine.

Post Marathon:
I lost 3 toenails
I actually gained about 10 lbs. through the process of training
Felt nauseous for about 3 days after the race
Pretty disappointed with my time (5:25)
Instantly wanted to prove that I can do better next time and trying to pick a run for next fall (thinking maybe Chicago)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Almost There...

Hello, hello! I think I'm something like 4 days out from the marathon. Ben and I leave on Thursday. We're going to spend a couple of nights with his family in Washington and then drive up to Victoria with his brother and sister in law. I'm getting EXCITED!

Since my last post I developed a lot of pain in my sciatic nerve. I'm guessing it's my piriformis, but then again I'm not a Dr. This new ache was too severe to run through so I took a couple of weeks off. Instead of my 2nd 18 mile run I ellipticaled for 3 HOURS! Can you say boring? I also did the same thing the following Sunday when I was supposed to do 9 miles. Last week I did 8 miles just to make sure that I could run with the discomfort. It went okay, but I'm still worried.

On a side note I don't think that I ever mentioned what Ben and I are doing after the marathon. We planned a road trip for our 1st wedding anniversary. After we leave Victoria we are driving down the coast to Oregon to visit my grandparents and a friend of his from college. Then onto Healdsburg, CA in Sonoma county for 3 nights. Then to Vegas for 3 nights on our actual anniversary. Then we're going to camp in Zion national park for 3 nights. And finally we have very good friends that spend the winters in Bend, OR and we're going to spend a few nights with them as well. So with all those lovely thoughts in my mind I'm sure I'll have all the motivation that I need to finish the darned race :)

Because I'm such a crappy blogger I doubt I'll post again before we leave. I'll eventually get a race report on here, but don't hold your breath. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Training progress

I may possible be the worlds worst blogger :) I just wanted to let my 3 readers know that I am still training for the Victoria Marathon on October 11th. I'm starting week 13 of my 16 week schedule. Last Sunday I ran my longest distance EVER! 18.06 miles... my pace is really slow (average mile 10.10). I'm not letting that get to me, I just really want to enjoy my first marathon experience.

I have an injury right now, but I'm just going to do the totally wrong thing and run through it. I pop a couple of advil before my lost runs and by mile 7 I feel no pain.

Honestly I've been loving nearly every minute of my training. There hasn't been one run where I didn't want to go. I think that my main motivation is my mental image of running and finishing the marathon that I keep playing over and over in my head. Another great motivator for me has been buying new gear. Fun stuff to experiment with on my next long runs. You know the little stuff like gels, socks, water bottles, body glide (yes, my new running buddy and a whole different entry on butt cheek chafing... Eek!) recovery stuff, I even look forward to different way to take ice baths.

All this leads me to believe that even though my body is not made to be a runner, my mind is. And as long as I have that in tact I'll keep on running!
I'll leave you with my newest right of passage... the black toe nail!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Wowza... It's been a really long time since I posted! But rest assured that I'm still running. I'm starting week five of my Marathon training. The training is right on course (no pun intended). I've been having a few issues with my knees aching and my left arch is having some issues. These two little hiccups are really getting me to stretch better and even icing after my "long" runs (this week it was eight miles).

I've also become a morning runner. And when I say morning.... I mean morning. I get up at 3:30am, so that I can be out the door by 4! You see the thing is that in the summer I work 7 days a week. My shop is open from 6am to 3 in the afternoon. My husband also works 7 days a week, but his hours are a lot longer than mine so our time together is sacred this time of the year.

As busy as we both are here are a few pictures of some outtings that we have gotten in.

King Salmon Fishing (Yummy! Dinners!)

Teaching Willie to swim from the boat to the beach. He swims more verticle!

And a lovely hike up to a WWII bunker. Hidden in the woods. I guess that no ships could sneek up, with an ocean view like this one!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too long

I know it's been forever since I posted. You know... life happens. But on a good note I have been doing well running 4-5 days a week. I'm down 8 pounds on the 20/20 challenge. My goal for the week is to blog Monday thru Friday. I want to start adding more pictures of what my life in rural Alaska is like. I think that people would find it interesting what I do on a day to day basis. Okay so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


UPDATE of the UPDATE* Ash sent out an email today explaining a bit more why she is unable to put as much time as is needed into the 20 in 20. We all know and understand that life happens. But it's still on, and we'll just enter our weekly loss or gain into a google data sheet. Time to get my butt in gear for the week.

I read a several blogs about food. Yes I love food... in fact most of my memories from my childhood are about food. Interesting enough I've never felt like I have a good relationship with food, but thats a whole different blog entry.

Anyways I have read a lot about Tribe Hummus today. I came across some at the store yesterday that came in individual portion size. Today I tried the original with some strips of raw squash. It had an awesome texture, with the perfect about of twang. This may be my new hummus choice.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Garmin 405

UPDATE* The 20 in 20 Challenge has been going great! I've lost over 5 lbs, the healthy way. Unfortunately we found out today that the challenge is not what Ash was hoping that it would be and is not going to continue on it's original plan. That's okay because I am going to keep going and see if I can loose those 20 lbs without the challenge :)

I've been meaning to write about my birthday gift for a few weeks now. I asked Ben for the Garmin 405 for my birthday. I thought that it would be super helpful when training for my marathon, but I had no idea how much I would really love it! It gives me all the fun info. that you get when you run on a treadmill, but without being stuck inside.

I've never thought much about my heart rate when I exercise. But since I've started using the one that came with the GPS I love being able to track my resting and max. heart rate. I feel like I can control my workout better by seeing and feeling how hard (or not) I'm working.

If you have never worked out with some type of tracking device I would highly recommend it! They have some very inexpensive ones out there. I feel like I have gained more appreciation for my body by using the Garmin. As well as a refreshing enthusiasm for running.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Ankles....

I've been having feet issues for the last few weeks. I don't know what's going on these these puppies, but it's starting to get irritating.

Last week my right foot was hurting on the outside and the next day I had a bump and discomfort on the top of that same foot. I looked it up on google and thought I probably had a bone spur. I took it easy and it was fine in a couple of days. Now... my left foot is sore feeling. Plus my ankles are tender. Not to the touch but more like the insides.

I have two theories... First, I'm over weight and need to get some of this extra weight off. Second theory is that it is still snowing here daily. The off road that I like to go on is still covered with snow and a very uneven surface. So that could be putting a bit of extra strain on my ankles.

On a side note the first week of the 20/20 challenge went alright. I was down .8 pounds. Not too bad considering it was my birthday and then meant a lot of celebrating with wine and cake. Probably not worth it, but too late now. I was living in the moment with food.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures as Promised...

They may not be pretty but all the same I did it and now I'm accountable for this body.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Vent...

I have a new pet peeve... It drives me crazy when I'm reading other peoples blogs and they abbreviate with nanner for banana, sammie for sandwich, brekkie for breakfast. You get the point. Just another example of my type A personality!

Have a great weekend. Ben is supposed to get home this morning. It doesn't feel like he's been gone for 9 weeks. It will be great to have him home.... His "Honey Do List" is out of control! Just Kidding :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Sorry I see that the photo did not post. I'll try again this weekend. With a proper photo.

I have jumped on the 20 in 20 challenge that Ash has so graciously organized and inspired!

Oh course my goal is to lose 20 pounds , but also I can only imagine how much easier running a marathon would be if I were 20 pounds lighter!

I've started thinking about rewards. I'm going to bribe myself every 4 pounds with a material reward. For the first 4 I would like to get a new pair of jeans. But I'm sure I'll find something else I would rather have by the time I get to 4 pounds!

I weighted in and took several pictures this morning. I'm 5'6" and 168.8 pounds. Pretty scary putting that out there for all the world to see!

Here is a crappy phone picture, taken at 4:30 this morning.

It was so temping to elongate this photo for insta skinnyness!

I promise my husband gets home Saturday and then there should be better pictures. I still need to do my measurements, and plan weekly exercise plans.
In the mean time I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Ash! The amount of time and energy that she has put into organizing this challenge is awesome. Hearing that there is the potential to lose a TON, is incredible! Good Luck Everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Name Change

I decided that my previous domain and title were not really me. As long as I've had e-mail TSNAC has been my address. Everyone knows me by this name so I thought that I would give it a try and see if it feels more me.

On a Roll

I've been so good this week. I started running again last Sunday. I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I'm back up to 4 miles. Although I've been good about jogging, my diet has been awful. I'm blaming it on the fact that my husband is still out of town. I can never justify cooking for one. So I end up eating crappy snacks and because they have little nutritional value I end up consuming way too many calories!

Next week I'm going to be more conscience of not only what I do with my body, but what I fuel it with.

I'm very excited because Ben gets home a week from tomorrow. He's been gone for nearly 9 weeks, ugh! Also when he gets back I can start posting pictures!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Out Alive

I'm finally done reading the Twilight series, those books really sucked me in. My sister had been trying to get me to read them for years, but we have very different taste in books so when she told me that they were about High School vampires, I could only roll my eyes and say "maybe I'll try them if I have nothing to read." Well I finally had nothing to read and I saw Twilight at her house (she pulled them out, because she is re-reading them) and picked it up to read a few pages. That was Game Over, I was hooked and nothing else in my life seemed to matter as much as reading about Bella and Edward.

As for running I have been struggling to jog lately because of Willie. I try to take me jogging and he only wants to attack my feet and play with leash. I feel too guilty to leave him at home when he's stuck inside all day and I'm going to be outside anyway. Trails are still too icy to jog on. As you can tell I have a lot of excuses!

Today I got up early and and Willie and I went out to the End of the road (I say end of the road because the road literally ends) where there is a gate that has a path that reads to a fish hatchery. I let Willie off the leash and we had an awesome jog, we went in 20 minutes and back out 20 minutes. What a great way to start the day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Reading the Twilight Series...If you've read them you'll understand. I'll return to a productive life when I'm done!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Friday afternoon I slipped and fell on the ice for the the second time this winter. I got right back up, thinking that it could have been a lot worse. Later that evening I went for a jog (probably 2.5 miles). Saturday morning I woke up and felt fine. We had a girls spa day planned so six of us, we met up to get pedicures. It was when I got home my entire right side was really aching. I took a couple of Tylenol watched a movie and went to bed. Today I woke up felling like crap-olla! I'm guessing that it is a combination of a slight cold and the fall.

Is winter over yet?!?!

On a side note, my puppy has a problem. He loves to eat rocks. This probably wouldn't be a very big problem if our down wasn't solid gravel. Even paved roads are covered in gravel! I'm watching him like crazy, and you wouldn't think that he would get tired of me having my fingers down his throat!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend travel

This weekend I traveled to Petersburg AK for my nieces swim meet. My trip started Friday morning at 4 am. I woke up and got packed for my 6 am departure. To get anywhere in Southeast Alaska you have to take lots of short trips with long layovers. Most of the time you actually have to over fly our destination, just to wait for a new flight to where you want to go. So I had to take a 30 minute flight North to Juneau. My flight to Petersburg didn't leave Juneau till 2 pm. It was a long morning.I arrived in Petersburg and went straight to the pool. My niece swam wonderfully. I have never been more proud of anyone than I was of her this weekend. In swim meets you're allowed to swim 7 individual events and relays. She won 5 firsts 2 second places and the 8 and under girls won 1st in both their relays. She goes to 5 practices a week including 5 am practices twice a week. I don't know about you, but when I was 8 all I thought about was barbies and PB sandwiches.

Getting home took just as long. I left Petersburg at 3 in the afternoon and pulled into my drive way at 11:30 pm.

Oh and she was also the top point winner for the age! This picture is classic Alaska. The awards ceremony was at the ELKS lodge, hence the animal head behind the girls!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

House Guest

Yes, I know that I just started this blog and have already had a big gap in postings. BUT I have a great excuse. I've had a house guest... My husband (who is currently in Panama) told me that his friend was going to stay here for 4 or 5 days max.! Well 10 days later he finally leaves, but not before informing me that he would be back in 2 weeks...Lucky Me...NOT!

Needless to say as soon as he left this evening and am having a glass of Champagne, and I don't even like Champagne... I just felt the need for a little celebration!

On a positive note, I have been using the elliptical a lot the last 10 days, just to have some alone time. Last year Ben and I bought a home and as a house warming/Christmas gift my parents gave us some cash.

This is what we bought...

Ben did a bit of research for something that we could afford with the best consumer reviews, and this is what he came up with. Of course living where we do, we had to have it trucked to Seattle and then barged to Sitka. It probably took a month for us to receive it, but we both like it and use it several times a week in the winter.

Post coming soon on me predicted training schedule.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Newest Family Member

Meet Willie...He is 3 1/2 months old. We had all these grand plans to not have him on the couch or in bed. BUT since Ben (husband) left for 6 weeks I have been compensating for Willies lack of a father figure and letting him get away with everything.

In all honestly it was only one night of getting drunk and letting him on the couch and then wanting to snuggle with him and there is no going back to the hard floor once he had a taste of our comforts.

When we got Willie I was looking forward to long walks and brisk jogs. I'm starting to doubt that Willie will be the athlete that I envisioned him being. When we go for our walks we walk about 100 feet he does his business and wants to turn about and go home. I'm hoping that it is because the weather is so crappy and not his disposition.

Monday, February 2, 2009

First Choice...

As I mentioned yesterday I am going to run a marathon. I thought that it would be nice to elaborate on my decision to undertake such a huge commitment. Firstly it helps me keep my weight in check and allows me to eat things that otherwise my metabolism would not process. Secondly jogging is time for me. I am big on personal space and time and when I jog it is time that I can be totally self absorbed.

Some things that I need to consider in my marathon of choice are follows. Time of year, I can't do it in the summer because my husband and I have seasonal jobs (summer is our busy season). Also I hate running in the cold so the winter is also out. Spring is not enough time to train, leaving fall the choice season for me. Location, I would like to run in a state that is near me. So somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. And the course, because this is my first marathon I would like a fairly flat course and nice scenery.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, I believe I have found my first contender. The Royal Victoria Marathon in Victoria BC Canada.

Look at all those beautiful miles of Ocean that you get to run by. And when you're not on the water you're jogging through a visually stimulating downtown. Get to run a marathon and do some window shopping at the same time. It's a win- win situation.

Has anyone heard anything about this race? Or have different recommendations?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm addicted to reading blogs. It doesn't matter what they're about or who wrote it, I just have to get my fix. My favorites are blogs involving exercise, food, fashion, and quick wit ... and the more photos the better.

I've thought about starting one for over a year now. I actually had the perfect excuse when I was planning our wedding. But it just didn't feel like the right time. So now I've set a dreaded New Years resolution... Drum roll please... to run a marathon! UGH!!! This is going to hold me accountable. For getting off my butt and putting on my shoes and going jogging.

I also plan to post about whatever else I have planned or on my mind.

Like right now my new husband is in Panama fishing till at least March 2nd. Of course I miss him, but I also enjoy the time for myself. It's like being single without having to worry about relationships or boy drama. I have tons of time to do whatever I want. If I don't want dinner I don't have to worry about if my husband wants to eat. It's nice for the moment, but I also know that it is only a temporary situation and I know he'll be back soon.

Since he left, he also took our camera with him. So pictures on the blog are going to be limited to what I already have on file. With that said I'll get get back to one of the purposes of this blog. The first step that I took towards running a marathon was buying this book...
Note: Technical difficulties; image posted at the top of the page instead of here...oops.