Tuesday, April 14, 2009


UPDATE of the UPDATE* Ash sent out an email today explaining a bit more why she is unable to put as much time as is needed into the 20 in 20. We all know and understand that life happens. But it's still on, and we'll just enter our weekly loss or gain into a google data sheet. Time to get my butt in gear for the week.

I read a several blogs about food. Yes I love food... in fact most of my memories from my childhood are about food. Interesting enough I've never felt like I have a good relationship with food, but thats a whole different blog entry.

Anyways I have read a lot about Tribe Hummus today. I came across some at the store yesterday that came in individual portion size. Today I tried the original with some strips of raw squash. It had an awesome texture, with the perfect about of twang. This may be my new hummus choice.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Garmin 405

UPDATE* The 20 in 20 Challenge has been going great! I've lost over 5 lbs, the healthy way. Unfortunately we found out today that the challenge is not what Ash was hoping that it would be and is not going to continue on it's original plan. That's okay because I am going to keep going and see if I can loose those 20 lbs without the challenge :)

I've been meaning to write about my birthday gift for a few weeks now. I asked Ben for the Garmin 405 for my birthday. I thought that it would be super helpful when training for my marathon, but I had no idea how much I would really love it! It gives me all the fun info. that you get when you run on a treadmill, but without being stuck inside.

I've never thought much about my heart rate when I exercise. But since I've started using the one that came with the GPS I love being able to track my resting and max. heart rate. I feel like I can control my workout better by seeing and feeling how hard (or not) I'm working.

If you have never worked out with some type of tracking device I would highly recommend it! They have some very inexpensive ones out there. I feel like I have gained more appreciation for my body by using the Garmin. As well as a refreshing enthusiasm for running.