Monday, September 14, 2009

Training progress

I may possible be the worlds worst blogger :) I just wanted to let my 3 readers know that I am still training for the Victoria Marathon on October 11th. I'm starting week 13 of my 16 week schedule. Last Sunday I ran my longest distance EVER! 18.06 miles... my pace is really slow (average mile 10.10). I'm not letting that get to me, I just really want to enjoy my first marathon experience.

I have an injury right now, but I'm just going to do the totally wrong thing and run through it. I pop a couple of advil before my lost runs and by mile 7 I feel no pain.

Honestly I've been loving nearly every minute of my training. There hasn't been one run where I didn't want to go. I think that my main motivation is my mental image of running and finishing the marathon that I keep playing over and over in my head. Another great motivator for me has been buying new gear. Fun stuff to experiment with on my next long runs. You know the little stuff like gels, socks, water bottles, body glide (yes, my new running buddy and a whole different entry on butt cheek chafing... Eek!) recovery stuff, I even look forward to different way to take ice baths.

All this leads me to believe that even though my body is not made to be a runner, my mind is. And as long as I have that in tact I'll keep on running!
I'll leave you with my newest right of passage... the black toe nail!

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