Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Almost There...

Hello, hello! I think I'm something like 4 days out from the marathon. Ben and I leave on Thursday. We're going to spend a couple of nights with his family in Washington and then drive up to Victoria with his brother and sister in law. I'm getting EXCITED!

Since my last post I developed a lot of pain in my sciatic nerve. I'm guessing it's my piriformis, but then again I'm not a Dr. This new ache was too severe to run through so I took a couple of weeks off. Instead of my 2nd 18 mile run I ellipticaled for 3 HOURS! Can you say boring? I also did the same thing the following Sunday when I was supposed to do 9 miles. Last week I did 8 miles just to make sure that I could run with the discomfort. It went okay, but I'm still worried.

On a side note I don't think that I ever mentioned what Ben and I are doing after the marathon. We planned a road trip for our 1st wedding anniversary. After we leave Victoria we are driving down the coast to Oregon to visit my grandparents and a friend of his from college. Then onto Healdsburg, CA in Sonoma county for 3 nights. Then to Vegas for 3 nights on our actual anniversary. Then we're going to camp in Zion national park for 3 nights. And finally we have very good friends that spend the winters in Bend, OR and we're going to spend a few nights with them as well. So with all those lovely thoughts in my mind I'm sure I'll have all the motivation that I need to finish the darned race :)

Because I'm such a crappy blogger I doubt I'll post again before we leave. I'll eventually get a race report on here, but don't hold your breath. Wish me luck!

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