Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Ankles....

I've been having feet issues for the last few weeks. I don't know what's going on these these puppies, but it's starting to get irritating.

Last week my right foot was hurting on the outside and the next day I had a bump and discomfort on the top of that same foot. I looked it up on google and thought I probably had a bone spur. I took it easy and it was fine in a couple of days. Now... my left foot is sore feeling. Plus my ankles are tender. Not to the touch but more like the insides.

I have two theories... First, I'm over weight and need to get some of this extra weight off. Second theory is that it is still snowing here daily. The off road that I like to go on is still covered with snow and a very uneven surface. So that could be putting a bit of extra strain on my ankles.

On a side note the first week of the 20/20 challenge went alright. I was down .8 pounds. Not too bad considering it was my birthday and then meant a lot of celebrating with wine and cake. Probably not worth it, but too late now. I was living in the moment with food.


  1. the snow could definitely be having an effect, it takes so much strength! try running in trail shoes when it's snowy